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Handmade jewellery by Stanislav Todorov

Some of the jewellery is made of brass, which gives them a warm golden hue and other is made of stainless steel has achromatic shades and a natural metallic sheen.
Most of the jewellery uses the primary author’s technique with an intertwining of brass threads. The motif is reminiscent of a popular ancient Bulgarian technique of weaving flexible thin branches for making hedges, baskets and other items.

  • Brooch- 10 euros
  • Earrings- 10 euros
  • Necklace- 15 euros
  • Small bracelet- 15 euros
  • Big bracelet- 20 euros
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” The Fish I “

A figure made by Stanislav Todorov

The sculpture is made of bronze and natural stone and represents the beauty of the natural form.

Size20 cm
Price48.30 euros
DeliveryVia courier, delivery charge is included in the price

More description here