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Пощенски картички серия 2

Postcards from Kosovo village

Пощенските картички от село Косово са направени с авторски снимки върху висококачествена хартия. Те са 4 в комплект

If you are a collector and would like a stamp with your postcard, please let us know in advance.

IDСерия 1
Price5 euros
ПликOptional (1 euro)
DeliveryCharges are included in the price

The postcards collection are from the village of Kosovo, a traditional and unique place in the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria. An area where the most ancient civilization originated, with unparalleled knowledge of the Universe.
The village is surrounded by untouched nature, with four rivers flowing through it. Kosovo was settled in the early 17th century by settlers from Staro Selo near White Church Monastery. Its pinnacle was in the late 19th century, and houses from this age remain today. Kosovo has typical Rhodope architecture. It has 63 cultural monuments, of which five have national significance. Most known is the Church of Ascension from 1851 and this year is going to celebrate 170 years.