Batik Artwork, Glagolitic Script, Wall Decor, Home Office Decor


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Batik Painting, Glagolitic Script, Original Artwork, Ancient script. Authentic Batik Painting on handmade paper. This painting is a composition of letters from the old Bulgarian alphabet. It embodies beauty, elegance and brings the feeling of eternity and wisdom. The artwork has a bold design and vibrant colours and signifies the ancient mythology of the Spiritual Rhodope Mountains in Southern Bulgaria and Northern Greece.
Delicate wall paintings like this benefit from additional overhead LED lights and in-frame lights to bring out colours.
Each piece of Batik artwork has a unique feel because of the various combinations of dye colourings, paraffin effects, and paper.
This Home decor wall art is signed by the artist. It is carefully packed and shipped in a hard tube via Bulgarian Post service with a tracking number.


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