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Red Wine from Mezek Village

Red Wine from Mezek Village

This red wine is produced by Mezek Winery using its technology, without preservatives and cosmetics. From the region of eastern Rhodopes, village Mezek.

The wine available is Merlot and Mavrud.

Price20 euros
DeliveryCharges are included in the price. Available only for Europe. Carefully Pack and shipped. Use the contact form below to make a request.

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Set of Handmade Brass Jewellery

A necklace, earrings and a brooch

This delightful set of handmade brass jewellery is the perfect gift for any occasion. Made by a skilful master of brass somewhere in the deep forest of Rhodope Mountain in Bulgaria. Wearing a piece of a magical accessory not only make you feel pretty, but it also brings the spirit and beauty of the Orpheus Mountain.

Price30 euros
DeliveryVia courier, delivery charge is included in the price
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Necklace STN001

A crescent shaped necklace

This is a handmade, rigid necklace made from brass. It has a crescent-shaped pendant with a size of 18 cm long and 11 cm wide.
The technique used to create the pendant by intertwining threads had been used many years ago by the Thracians.

Size18 cm
Price15 euros
DeliveryVia courier, delivery charge is included in the price
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“Shiroka Laka”

Watercolour painting by Ronald Brooke

Watercolours are mainly natural landscapes of village scenes in the Rhodope Mountains. The subject is generally the stone village dwellings and municipal buildings as well as views of various aspects of the community as a whole.

Size28×19 cm (only the canvas)
FrameWith or without (Wooden frame)
Price126 euro
DeliveryVia courier, delivery charge is included in the price

Shiroka Laka is famous for its authentic Rhodopean houses set in tiers on both banks of the local river. The old houses were designed in the characteristic architectural style of the Rhodopes by the noted local building masters, and feature two storeys, oriels, built-in cupboards and a small cellar with a hiding place. The thick white walls hide the yard from the outsiders’ eyes. The yard is small and slab-covered and has a typical stone drinking fountain in the middle. Some of the most famous houses are those of the Zgurov, Uchikov and Grigorov families.

Source wikipedia
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Postcards Series 2

Our postcards from Kosovo village are made with copyright photographs on high-quality paper. They are in sets of four.

If you are a collector and would like a stamp with your postcard, please let us know in advance.

IDSeries 2
Price5 euros
EnvelopeOptional (1 euro)
DeliveryCharges are included in the price

The houses in Kosovo village are unique too, with their 200-300 years of history and wooden design from oak material. The buildings have stone masonry mixed with wood, the roof is tiled, there is a balcony in the middle, and the chimneys are made of stone.
Some of the postcards show pictures of the restored houses, which are part of the Kosovo Guest Houses complex. People from all over the world come to enjoy the unsurpassed natural beauty and spiritual energy that abounds here.