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The Pilgrimage Trail of Kosovo Village

Welcome to Pilgrimage trail “Holy Spirit”, Kosovo village

The Pilgrim trail emerged as an idea between the people of the “Kalevo Bardtse” neighbourhood. It is where the trail sprang in the fall of 2020. Three main people helped (Ron, Stanislav and Sasho) put the main sign at the beginning of the trail. Then the chapels of St. Petka, St. Demetrius and St. George were gradually built and erected. Next to each chapel, there is a board with information. It tells about the saint who is the patron saint of the respective chapel.
At present, the chapel of St. Haralmpius is being built by Daniela and Stanislav. The chapels of St. Andrew and the Holy Brothers Peter and Paul are under construction. Anyone who wants can contribute with work, materials or a donation to continue this hopefully God-pleasing endeavour.

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