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Организаторите от „Косово вилидж Арт“ ви канят отново на 2,3 и 4 юли в с. Косово на среща разговор с проф. Дамян Попхристов и писателя Христо Нанев. Ще бъде представена и новата книга „Дълбините на древността“ на писателката Румяна Халачева.

English-speaking event near Plovdiv. Midweek 2 days discussion on Orphism, Thracians, Bogomils, Cathars. The truth about the ancient Balkans. Everything is included in the package.

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Kosovo Village- souvenirs, art, crafts and exciting events

Take a piece of Bulgaria and the magic of its Rhodope mountains.

Products are made with 100% love and devotion by our artists, who have one thing in common- The Spirit of the Rhodope Mountains. From abstract watercolour and ‘batik’ paintings to brass-made ladies accessories, postcards, calendars and woven crafts.