Stanislav Todorov

Graduated from the Tsanko Lavrenov Academy of Fine and Monumental Arts, town of
Plovdiv. He had five solo exhibitions (in Plovdiv and Sofia); many participations in national and international art forums. He is a member of the Plovdiv Society artists. His arts works are privately owned and also as part of state collections in the country and abroad.
Arts works are mainly painting, small figures (made of bronze and natural stone) and ceramics, jewelry (made of brass and
stainless steel).
The techniques he uses are oil painting, acrylic as well as mixed.

Sasho Karapeev

Sasho is a self-taught artist. Through painting, he has found how to express himself in the best way. He paints because he feels the need to do it. He believes that art ennobles people and helps them to discover their spiritual essence.
In his work, Sasho loves to experiment with different techniques and styles. “This is real passion and fun.” he says.
He loves going on long journeys and exploring different cultures. He strongly believes that the mission of art is to connect people and build values of brotherhood, trust and mutual assistance.

Professor Daniela Markova

Ph. D.

Graduated from the National Academy of Arts, Sofia, majoring in
“fresco”. Daniela currently works as a lecturer at Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski” in
art; She also teaches “art therapy” in the Art Academy of Plovdiv. Author of
monographs, articles, textbooks and teaching aids in fine arts.
Her art works include painting, drawing, illustration. She had a few solo exhibitions. Daniela has also participated in national and international exhibitions, plein airs and art forums. She is a member of the Society of Plovdiv Artists. Her work recreates the visible and invisible world in figural and non-figural compositions. Preferred techniques are oil, acrylic and mixed technique.
In her work she proceeds from the understanding that art is a spiritual process, allowing us to touch sacred spaces, the unconscious, the imaginary, dreams and invisible sensations.

Ronald Brooke

Ronald Brooke is teacher by profession. He has taught many years Canada and later in Kuwait. Ronald Brooke is the grandson of the famous classic Canadian painter Arthur Adair Brooke (1874-1959 ). His watercolours are in exhibitions at the Dufferin Historical Society Museum in Carman; Glenbow Museum in Calgary; Salmon Arm Museum, and treasured in private collections.

Rhodope mountains

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