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The beginning of new project

Rakia Art Cafe

Dear friends, visitors, and followers of our website “Kosovo Art”.
We started 2022 with prominent news and a new endeavour. We are already proud owners of a piece of land in the most central part of the village, on the section between the two large neighbourhoods intersected by two of the four rivers.
You will easily find us (when we are ready) by walking along the section to the Kosovo Houses complex.
We use the February days to clean up the old Rakia Distillery, which by the suggestion of Svetlana Kamps will be the name of our new project: Art Cafe “Rakidzhiynitsa”. In this way, we will preserve the name that gathered the local Kosovars decades ago in that ancient magical activity of making hot brandy (Rakia).
While clearing the place, we secretly hope to find a buried bottle of brandy. But so far there are only stones and bricks. The soil has accumulated over the years with all kinds of shrubs, which have already become solid trees.

Our first hope is to make a stone floor at the beginning of the plot, right next to the road, to stretch the tent for the new season. To have people where to stop for a souvenir, to enjoy the unique creations of Sasho Karapeev, Stanislav or Ron Brooke. And if we manage to present them properly, we will find a place for other creative souls who have found their place in our village of Kosovo. Here in every house, there is an artist, but everyone is different and looking for his natural place to express himself when the soul is ready for it.
Thus, in the temporary tent under the sun of Kosovo will be our first presentation to the visitors of our beautiful Rhodopean village, while other, serious construction works are building the new brandy shop, but with a more intellectual vision and mission.
How it will look like and what it will give to our new guests, we will share with you in the next post. But one thing we hope for is to be open every day with hot coffee or tea, delicious breakfast or something to sweeten tired travellers.
And for those who are hungry for stable Rhodope food, we will offer to visit the local pub “Carefree Life” or the restaurant of “Kosovo Houses”.

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The Pilgrimage Trail of Kosovo Village

Welcome to Pilgrimage trail “Holy Spirit”, Kosovo village

The Pilgrim trail emerged as an idea between the people of the “Kalevo Bardtse” neighbourhood. It is where the trail sprang in the fall of 2020. Three main people helped (Ron, Stanislav and Sasho) put the main sign at the beginning of the trail. Then the chapels of St. Petka, St. Demetrius and St. George were gradually built and erected. Next to each chapel, there is a board with information. It tells about the saint who is the patron saint of the respective chapel.
At present, the chapel of St. Haralmpius is being built by Daniela and Stanislav. The chapels of St. Andrew and the Holy Brothers Peter and Paul are under construction. Anyone who wants can contribute with work, materials or a donation to continue this hopefully God-pleasing endeavour.