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Collectible Beads

Agate, Nacre and Natural Yellow Stone Beads

Authentic Collectible beads. Estimated age 50 years old. Beads are made from agate, nacre and natural yellow stones.

SizeTo be updated soon
Price20 euros (natural yellow stone) and 30 euros (Agate and Nacre)
DeliveryVia courier, delivery charge is included in the price

The picture is printed on special canvas. After it is covered on the wooden underframe. Paintings hung directly on the wooden underframe part clings to the wall of the room.

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Decorative Ibrik

Authentic Handmade Brass Ibrik

An ibrik is a container with a spout used for storing and pouring contents which are liquid in form. Although the Turkish word “ibrik” denotes simply a pitcher or ewer, the term is often misused in English to mean a Turkish coffee pot, which is known in Turkish as a “cezve”.

Size37 cm length and 22 width
Price35 euros
DeliveryVia courier, the delivery charge is not included in the price
AvailabilityAvailable to buy from the shop