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Oil Painting by Daniela Markova

This oil painting titled “Mullein” has a canvas size of 60 cm in width and 80 in height. The art draws attention to the beauty and mysticism of a particular plant in nature. Often compared to a candlestick, the Mullein impresses with sparkling colours and unique shape.

Size (width/height)60×80 cm
FrameCanvas without frame
Price292.50 euros
DeliveryVia courier, delivery charge is included in the price

The Mullein is curative and ornamental plant.

Way of picking the herb

It is performed in dry weather before noon. The flowers in the inflorescence open gradually from the bottom up, and therefore the picking is periodic, during flowering. Each flower blooms only one day – in the morning, it opens, and in the evening corolla withers. Only the corolla and the stamens fused with it are torn off by hand. Blooming wreaths are not collected. The collected herb should not be crushed.