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Oil Painting by Daniela Markova

This oil painting named of the plant Chicory has a canvas size of 60 cm in width and 80 in height. An interesting plant such as chicory, raindrops, translucent sunlight behind the clouds are the main characters in the picture. It relies on the impressionistic interaction of shapes, colors and light.

Size (width/height)50×70 cm
FrameCanvas without frame
Price292.50 euros
DeliveryVia courier, delivery charge is included in the price

Chicory has more common use in our daily lives with the name of blue bile often found in the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria (Cichorium intybus). The plant is widespread and very easily recognizable. Although it is well known as a means of preparing a beverage that competes with the aroma of coffee, chicory is also a herb with significant health benefits.

Many people use chicory decoction as an alternative to coffee, which has the same invigorating effect but does not contain caffeine. Chicory is believed to act as a powerful detoxifying agent, but its beneficial effects are far from limited to detoxifying the body.